Medical Education

  • US certified Laser Specialist

General Info:

  • Sidra Zia is a US certified Laser Specialist and Aesthetician who has undergone vigorous training and worked for many years in the Aesthetic industry.
  • Sidra is a firm believer of holistic approach along with the ever-evolving science of advancements in the skincare industry. She believes to look well there is a necessity to treat the whole person in terms of lifestyle, family history and personal health. She feels very passionate about her work. Her policy has always been about making sure the clients achieve and maintain a healthy, younger looking skin and help improve body imperfections by providing through combination of the latest technologies and medical advancement.
  • Due to her passion in Beauty and Aesthetics she has made sure that all her clients who have been treated meet, if not exceed their expectations.
  • “It gives me great pleasure to see clients leave the clinic with content and smiles on their faces who are looking and feeling wonderful!”
  • My vision is also to personally create a niche with further advances in the state of the art skin care keeping in mind all safety of our clients well and to be known as a pioneer in this field of Beauty and Aesthetics.